Ten years…

It was just over ten years ago that I moved to Toronto and about the same amount of time since I moved into the house I’m in now. Hard to believe it, but it’s true. When I finally unpacked my boxes and bags (yes, I have interesting moving habits) I wondered just how long I would actually stay in what was at the time, my new home.

In the last 365,032 days (give or take a few) I’ve since done renovation ranging from new cabinets in the kitchen (truth be told it was the property management that handles the heavy lifting) to changing almost all the light fixtures. With the exception of my guest room (the infamous second bedroom) I’ve changed the furniture in every room (so once again the whole place looks like a modern IKEA showroom) and changed my wall art several times.  I’ve also managed to clean out my storage room in my basement which was more than I bargained for.

It’s funny how a place I just happened upon all those years ago has become more than just my home. It has become the place I have lived in the longest while in Canada and the second longest since I was born. (My family home in Sea Isle City still holds that title.)  It is a place where I have had some of the best memories of my life and learned some of the more upsetting and tragic news.  It’s a place where I feel safe and a place where I feel creative.  It’s my home – and from the looks of things, it will continue to be for quite a while.


Don’t get your hopes up

Yes, it’s been months since I last wrote something here. And yes, I did go and change the site again. It doesn’t mean I’m getting into the whole blogging thing again and dedicating my life to being a social media douche-bag (there are already way too many of them out there) but it would be nice to have something to look back on.  So ever so often, I may just pop up again and add something.

Subscribing would probably be a good idea, that way you’ll know if anything exciting happens.

What’s old is new again…

I made some changes to my site (once again) and this time I feel I really nailed it. Those who have been reading my writings for the past ten years will remember the old site – the one where you came to the page and saw a welcome screen and then clicked the ‘Updates’ page to find out what was new in my life. Basically, a web site with a blog in its primal stages. Years later my site would become a full blown blog and now look at it: a decade later and we’re back to where we began.

I just felt that at this point in my life, it was time to make some changes. I’m not giving up my web based adventures, I’m just pulling back a bit. Feel free to come back and visit and see what I’m up to. And yes, for those who will be asking, the blog will be shelved under “archives” for old time’s sake.

Stifler was better as a bad guy

The immature girl in me gave into temptation and as a result, I went to see American Reunion. While there was nothing really new about the movie, it was strikingly better than American Wedding and tied the first film as far as laughs and actual human emotion. Reunion reunited the original cast, brought up some 1999 nostalgia and captured how a lot of people deal with the now distant memory of a decade long gone.

But enough about that. Stifler pissed me off… yet again. (more…)

Giving myself the finger

I figured I should probably write something, even though I’m missing a finger.  Well, technically it’s not missing. It’s just been injured on account of a careless accident around my home. Doors, frames, you get the idea.  I don’t feel too bad as there’s a lot of that going around these days (stupid accidents, I mean) but it’s still annoying considering that despite journalism training and all that jazz, I only use two fingers on each hand to type. (And can still manage to pull off 50 words per minute. So suck that, typing class!)

All that being said, I figured I should post something as the last thing that was up before this (assuming that I will finish writing this and click “publish” without losing the use of any more fingers) was my rant about the need for subways in this city and how certain people don’t actually listen to what the citizens of this city really want.

Before hobbling my index finger, I spent the last week helping a friend put up wallpaper (yes, I’m shocked people still use wallpaper in the 21st century) and planning out the next stage of my career.  As you may have guessed, I didn’t end up going to Atlantic City for the opening of the new Revel Casino. I figure I’ll just see it this summer when I go down to visit my family.

Do you listen to the people?

It’s days like this that I’m ashamed of working in the media. As much as most news organizations claim to be non biased, that’s clearly not the case — especially when Mayor Rob Ford is running the show.  Certain news programs seem to take great pleasure in reporting the Mayor’s failures, incluidng this whole subway vs. LRT debacle that is unfolding today.

The real problem is none of the news outlets are listening to the people. Instead they are pushing their anti-Ford agenda. This is amusing considering a great number of their viewers rely on public transit and would prefer subways. I’m personally agreeing with the pro-subway folks. In a city of this size, underground transit makes sense. It’s a smarter long-term investment.

What I found interesting is that both CityNews and CP24 had on-line polls up today asking people what they really want. The results are clear. (more…)

Remeber Zack Werner

Does anyone remember that abortion of a TV show called Canadian Idol? I’m betting that most people have either forgotten about it or are trying their best to pretend that it never happened. But the other day, while enjoying a latte at my new favorite coffee spots in the city, a friend asked me if I remembered who Zack Werner was.

For those fortunate enough to have blocked the whole Canadian Idol thing from their minds, you’re even less likely to remember this douchebag. And if you look at that picture, you might think he’s that guy who stands on Bloor Street, yelling about how he will trade sexual favors for money. But just as a refresher, Werner was the Simon Cowell wannabe judge on the show. He’s also the guy who had penises drawn on his face on virtually every bus shelter ad in the city when CTV was promoting the show.

He was — and I’m assuming, still is — a loud mouth jerkweed, who for some reason, thought behaving like Cowell was going to make him a star. Honestly, on the seemingly never-ending list of reasons why Canadian Idol sucked, I’m wagering a bet that his name was right near the top. (I’m also betting that Ben Mulroney was at the top of that list too, but that’s something for another day.)

Thankfully, once CTV put a bullet in the show, Werner vanished from the public eye.  I heard he had a short-lived job on a radio station a while after, but that didn’t pan out very well.  (I guess a few people remembered what a tool he was.)

So to answer my friend’s question; yes, I remember Zack — and I would just assume forget about him like the rest of Canada has being trying to do.