It’s been…

… over a year since I decided to write something. Not in my daily life. No, I still write quite a bit – both personally and professionally. But when it comes to blogging, I just haven’t bothered.

Truth be told, as I have said on this site and when someone asks me, I have more or less lost my mojo when it comes to doing the whole blog thing. So many people decided to get into writing on line stuff, a great many of them looking for a hand-out, free products, samples and whatnot. Writing this used to be fun. It used to be something I loved doing because I could share what was going on in my life and I did it not because I knew people were reading it, but because I really loved it.

I was younger (in my 20s and early 30s) when I really kicked this bitch into high gear. I won’t go as far to say I was one of the front-runners when it comes to social media, but I was doing this before it had a name. There was no Facebook, no Twitter… none of that. I just wrote about whatever came to mind and I didn’t care who read it or what people thought.

Now it seems “bloggers” are all brand-sensitive – both of their own ‘brand’ and whatever they can get from companies. And suddenly PR agencies and marketing departments are more than aware of bloggers. Ten years ago you’d be laughed out of the room if you were a blogger and you tried to pass yourself off as media. Now if you have over 2,000 followers on Twitter, update your ‘blog’ with posts about the shit you try, you too can be a makeshift media personality.

The really funny thing is if you tell someone that you write a blog, most of the time they will think you’re in it for the stuff. If you tell them that it’s just a normal site, they don’t believe you or they won’t bother reading it. Our world moves too fast these days for people to come back daily and read a blurb from someone telling you what she did this week.

And before you think “Oh Zoey’s bitter that the landscape has changed. She wants free crap too.” I can assure you that’s not it. As a journalist and a writer I’ve had my share of swag over the years. This is more about how I wish things could go back to the way they were. When blogging wasn’t a business and people just did it for fun.

People like Teena in Toronto are hanging in there as bloggers who write about their daily lives, and thankfully she’s still doing her thing.  I for one never thought I would say this, but the first decade of the new millennium was far better than this one is. Sure, we as people were just getting used to the 2000s, but all things considered, even with garbage like reality shows coming into popularity, Paris Hilton and the questionable “media credibility” of blogging and social networking, things were still better.

So yeah… that’s how I feel. That’s why I just don’t have the energy or personal motivation to do this anymore really. Although apparently I can knock out a good rant when I feel like it. Maybe check back in a year or so and see if I have anything else to say.

UPDATE: And yeah… I change the look again… I do that every so often. I figure since I’m only here once a year, I might as well make things look different.



I guess I now know how long I can go without posting something… months. Eight of them, to be exact. It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything, it’s that I just feel nothing I have done has been worth sharing.

Probably along the same lines as when a husband comes home from work and his wife asks him “How was your day, honey” and he just doesn’t feel like talking about it.  It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his wife… it just means he doesn’t feel like reliving everything that happened again.

For me, it also has to do with the fact that so much has changed in the last 11 years. Back when I was 27, I was full of piss and vinegar and thought that everything I did was so damn important. A decade later, I have grown out of the part of my life where I need to share everything.

That doesn’t mean I will give up writing, it just means that for me, blogging (11 years ago it was simply called “updating my updates page”) isn’t so important to me anymore.

If you’re a blogger and you love to write, then keep going. Don’t stop no matter what. Never lose that feeling or that fire inside you that keeps you coming back to your computer every day. But also, don’t let it consume you.  Live your life and let blogging be a fun hobby.

Wishing you all the best

treeI’m not sure if I’ll get around to writing something else before the end of the year – it would appear I have great trouble updating even when there isn’t a big holiday coming up – so just in case I don’t sit down in front of the ol’ New Post screen again, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season.

Best wishes – to those who deserve it, of course – and many happy returns in the coming year.  It seems 2012 just flew right by, so I’m looking forward to the next 11 months and hopefully when December rolls around next year, I’ll be better prepared.  I can’t promise there will be tons of blog posts though.

I’m Catholic so I’ll say Merry Christmas… whatever you’re celebrating, hopefully you have a merry one too.

The Bell tolls for me!

The Evil Red Machine is no more in my house! I finally severed all my ties to Rogers and I am thrilled beyond thrilled that I’m no longer a slave to the Evil Empire anymore. And I don’t just mean with my cell phone.  I squirmed my way out of that contract earlier this year and last month I had Bell come to my house and install FibeTV.

I know Bell is technically a massive media company too. And I know a lot of people have a hate-on for them the way I hate Rogers, but at least now I don’t have to feel as if I’m contributing to the “Let’s Re-Name the SkyDome” fund or pay for all that make-up Dina Pugliese smears on her face before she goes on Breakfast Television every day.

(Can you tell I really don’t give a shit about how many bridges I burn now?)

Yes, it’s quite liberating to be Rogers-free after so many years. No more bad customer service. No more crappy channel packages. No more of everything I so strongly disliked about them.

When I first moved into this townhouse, I had my Bell ExpressView dish, and while the service was alright, there were the days when it didn’t work. After a while, I gave in and got Rogers Digital Cable. I was reluctant to go back to Bell for TV — especially after a few friends who have had FibeTV for a while, complained about the blotchy signal.  But it seems all of those problems have been worked out and Bell is fast-tracking a FibeTV roll-out in Toronto and Montreal.  My neighborhood became available and as soon as you could say “I hate Rogers”, the Bell trucks were here and I’m one happy redhead.

Now, naturally compared to Verizon FiOS and Comcast Xfinity, television service in Canada sucks – and is way over-priced. But I’m still pleased with what I have and the bundle deal I got for putting all my services into one bill.

Things and more things

I know I said that last year I was going to finally add all the archived posts from 2003 onward, but I still haven’t gotten around to that. I will do it (one of these days) but it’s more time consuming that I thought it would be and of course there’s the issue of tracking down the old posts. I also wanted to put up the ones from 2001 and 2002, but I think those are lost for good. Not the end of the world, but disappointing.

My friend told me about a coupon offer from Red Lobster where I get $10 off two adult entrees. Having grown up in southern New Jersey and surrounded by seafood my whole life, I hadn’t given much thought to Red Lobster. In fact, I haven’t been into one of their restaurants in nine years.  But a $10 coupon might persuade me to try it again.

And I did finally get around to seeing The Dark Knight Rises. Even with all the controversy surrounding the movie and what happened in Colorado, I wasn’t about to miss out on a comic book movie.  Again, I found it to be less of a super hero film and more of a caper or crime drama (as these new Batman movies are) but it was clearly the best one of the three.  Personally, I think they should stop the series now and if need be, reboot it in a few years.

Although I treat every weekend as a long weekend, so it makes no difference to me, I hope that those enjoying Simcoe Day Weekend have a happy and safe one.

A whole lotta nothing…

You know what I did last week? Nothing. A big steaming pile of nothing. And do you know what? It felt great.

Truth be told it wasn’t completely ‘nothing’ as in sitting around the house or not getting up during daylight hours – both of which I have done too, by the way. My week of so-called ‘nothing’ consisted of some messages, late night drives to nowhere, a few stores visited just because I felt like I needed to buy something (which I didn’t end up doing) and a few beers enjoyed at a local bar.  But other than that, I wouldn’t say it was my best week when it comes to contributing to society.

It was however, a reminder of 2002 when I was 27 instead of my ripe old age of 37. Days when I would be done writing before most people even took their morning shower and I would spend afternoons going to movies (that didn’t suck), walking through stores to see if there was anything cool or just pissing the day away.

Yet I also felt I should probably do more productive things and I certainly couldn’t see myself slipping into a sluggish routine, but if at all possible, it’s good to channel your inner sloth sometimes and just see where the day takes you.

And that’s what I did.

I rule.

Movies suck these days

At first I thought I was just becoming crotchety at my ripe old age of 37, but then I did something I don’t normally do: I sat down and actually thought about something before going on a tirade about what was bugging me.  Turns out, I’m justified in my thoughts.  Movies suck these days.

I remember back in 2002 when I first moved here, I would frequent the local cinema sometimes as often as three times a week to see whatever was playing. Sure some of those gems included Welcome to Mooseport, Mr. Deeds and Pluto Nash, but much like pizza, even when movies are bad, they are good.  Or at least passable.

For five bucks I could escape for a couple hours and enjoy a movie – something I will probably end up forgetting I saw years later when I catch it on MoviePix or see it in the discount DVD bin at the supermarket, but going to a movie during the day was a great pass-time and there were tons of films to choose from.

These days, in the era of the 100 million dollar movie, studios don’t seem to be so liberal with the green light any more and fewer silly films are being made in favor of films they hope will make a billion bucks and turn out to be big turds. (Larry Crowne, Mirror Mirror, Wrath of the Titans, Rock of Ages… the list goes on.)

I was so craving the days gone by when I would stroll into the theater and see something that looked half decent, that last summer that the only silly film I could muster up the strength to see during the day was The Smurfs. That’s right, I went to see the Smurfs. That’s how bad it has gotten.

Because every second piece of crap that comes out now is in 3D and every other film costs 60 to 100 million dollars, we aren’t going to see another Daddy Daycare or The Rundown or Four Brothers. So I know I’m not wrong when I say there aren’t as many good films out there these days… it’s true, there aren’t.

But I could also be growing crotchety, too.