The Bell tolls for me!

The Evil Red Machine is no more in my house! I finally severed all my ties to Rogers and I am thrilled beyond thrilled that I’m no longer a slave to the Evil Empire anymore. And I don’t just mean with my cell phone.  I squirmed my way out of that contract earlier this year and last month I had Bell come to my house and install FibeTV.

I know Bell is technically a massive media company too. And I know a lot of people have a hate-on for them the way I hate Rogers, but at least now I don’t have to feel as if I’m contributing to the “Let’s Re-Name the SkyDome” fund or pay for all that make-up Dina Pugliese smears on her face before she goes on Breakfast Television every day.

(Can you tell I really don’t give a shit about how many bridges I burn now?)

Yes, it’s quite liberating to be Rogers-free after so many years. No more bad customer service. No more crappy channel packages. No more of everything I so strongly disliked about them.

When I first moved into this townhouse, I had my Bell ExpressView dish, and while the service was alright, there were the days when it didn’t work. After a while, I gave in and got Rogers Digital Cable. I was reluctant to go back to Bell for TV — especially after a few friends who have had FibeTV for a while, complained about the blotchy signal.  But it seems all of those problems have been worked out and Bell is fast-tracking a FibeTV roll-out in Toronto and Montreal.  My neighborhood became available and as soon as you could say “I hate Rogers”, the Bell trucks were here and I’m one happy redhead.

Now, naturally compared to Verizon FiOS and Comcast Xfinity, television service in Canada sucks – and is way over-priced. But I’m still pleased with what I have and the bundle deal I got for putting all my services into one bill.



  1. We have everything with Rogers and don’t have too many complaints.

    A fella I work with had an antenna installed a couple weeks ago and is going cable-free. Eeeeek! Apparently he can pick up about 20 channels for free with it. It should be interesting to see how that goes.

  2. Overpriced! You’re not kidding! Actually, if you substitute the word “Bell” every time you said “Rogers” that’s exactly how we feel. Bell drove us to switch to another company, and they were just as bad. So instead, we went with NOTHING! We were so fed up with bad service and terrible TV shows that we installed an HD antenna (free 20ish channels) and our phone is which is free, if you couldn’t figure that out from their name. And the best part is we’re happy.

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