Things and more things

I know I said that last year I was going to finally add all the archived posts from 2003 onward, but I still haven’t gotten around to that. I will do it (one of these days) but it’s more time consuming that I thought it would be and of course there’s the issue of tracking down the old posts. I also wanted to put up the ones from 2001 and 2002, but I think those are lost for good. Not the end of the world, but disappointing.

My friend told me about a coupon offer from Red Lobster where I get $10 off two adult entrees. Having grown up in southern New Jersey and surrounded by seafood my whole life, I hadn’t given much thought to Red Lobster. In fact, I haven’t been into one of their restaurants in nine years.  But a $10 coupon might persuade me to try it again.

And I did finally get around to seeing The Dark Knight Rises. Even with all the controversy surrounding the movie and what happened in Colorado, I wasn’t about to miss out on a comic book movie.  Again, I found it to be less of a super hero film and more of a caper or crime drama (as these new Batman movies are) but it was clearly the best one of the three.  Personally, I think they should stop the series now and if need be, reboot it in a few years.

Although I treat every weekend as a long weekend, so it makes no difference to me, I hope that those enjoying Simcoe Day Weekend have a happy and safe one.


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