A whole lotta nothing…

You know what I did last week? Nothing. A big steaming pile of nothing. And do you know what? It felt great.

Truth be told it wasn’t completely ‘nothing’ as in sitting around the house or not getting up during daylight hours – both of which I have done too, by the way. My week of so-called ‘nothing’ consisted of some messages, late night drives to nowhere, a few stores visited just because I felt like I needed to buy something (which I didn’t end up doing) and a few beers enjoyed at a local bar.  But other than that, I wouldn’t say it was my best week when it comes to contributing to society.

It was however, a reminder of 2002 when I was 27 instead of my ripe old age of 37. Days when I would be done writing before most people even took their morning shower and I would spend afternoons going to movies (that didn’t suck), walking through stores to see if there was anything cool or just pissing the day away.

Yet I also felt I should probably do more productive things and I certainly couldn’t see myself slipping into a sluggish routine, but if at all possible, it’s good to channel your inner sloth sometimes and just see where the day takes you.

And that’s what I did.

I rule.



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