Movies suck these days

At first I thought I was just becoming crotchety at my ripe old age of 37, but then I did something I don’t normally do: I sat down and actually thought about something before going on a tirade about what was bugging me.  Turns out, I’m justified in my thoughts.  Movies suck these days.

I remember back in 2002 when I first moved here, I would frequent the local cinema sometimes as often as three times a week to see whatever was playing. Sure some of those gems included Welcome to Mooseport, Mr. Deeds and Pluto Nash, but much like pizza, even when movies are bad, they are good.  Or at least passable.

For five bucks I could escape for a couple hours and enjoy a movie – something I will probably end up forgetting I saw years later when I catch it on MoviePix or see it in the discount DVD bin at the supermarket, but going to a movie during the day was a great pass-time and there were tons of films to choose from.

These days, in the era of the 100 million dollar movie, studios don’t seem to be so liberal with the green light any more and fewer silly films are being made in favor of films they hope will make a billion bucks and turn out to be big turds. (Larry Crowne, Mirror Mirror, Wrath of the Titans, Rock of Ages… the list goes on.)

I was so craving the days gone by when I would stroll into the theater and see something that looked half decent, that last summer that the only silly film I could muster up the strength to see during the day was The Smurfs. That’s right, I went to see the Smurfs. That’s how bad it has gotten.

Because every second piece of crap that comes out now is in 3D and every other film costs 60 to 100 million dollars, we aren’t going to see another Daddy Daycare or The Rundown or Four Brothers. So I know I’m not wrong when I say there aren’t as many good films out there these days… it’s true, there aren’t.

But I could also be growing crotchety, too.



    1. Haven’t seen Magic Mike… maybe one day. But I did like Ted. However one stuffed bear can’t save the sorry state of Hollywood these days. Which is really too bad… because the world needs more Ted.

  1. You’re so right, and I’ve been saying the same thing for years too. I used to buy movies a lot, but now, it’s one a year…. maybe. I really like Christopher Nolan. He doesn’t like CG and tries very hard to avoid it. He uses models and does things practically (real) which, in the end, makes the movie look and feel more real.

    1. Nolan is an exception of course… but again, his movies cost producers 100 million or more. Yes, they are worth it… but sometimes we need the old dumb comedies that nobody but myself would go and see. :)

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