Month: April 2012

Stifler was better as a bad guy

The immature girl in me gave into temptation and as a result, I went to see American Reunion. While there was nothing really new about the movie, it was strikingly better than American Wedding and tied the first film as far as laughs and actual human emotion. Reunion reunited the original cast, brought up some 1999 nostalgia and captured how a lot of people deal with the now distant memory of a decade long gone.

But enough about that. Stifler pissed me off… yet again. (more…)


Giving myself the finger

I figured I should probably write something, even though I’m missing a finger.  Well, technically it’s not missing. It’s just been injured on account of a careless accident around my home. Doors, frames, you get the idea.  I don’t feel too bad as there’s a lot of that going around these days (stupid accidents, I mean) but it’s still annoying considering that despite journalism training and all that jazz, I only use two fingers on each hand to type. (And can still manage to pull off 50 words per minute. So suck that, typing class!)

All that being said, I figured I should post something as the last thing that was up before this (assuming that I will finish writing this and click “publish” without losing the use of any more fingers) was my rant about the need for subways in this city and how certain people don’t actually listen to what the citizens of this city really want.

Before hobbling my index finger, I spent the last week helping a friend put up wallpaper (yes, I’m shocked people still use wallpaper in the 21st century) and planning out the next stage of my career.  As you may have guessed, I didn’t end up going to Atlantic City for the opening of the new Revel Casino. I figure I’ll just see it this summer when I go down to visit my family.