Do you listen to the people?

It’s days like this that I’m ashamed of working in the media. As much as most news organizations claim to be non biased, that’s clearly not the case — especially when Mayor Rob Ford is running the show.  Certain news programs seem to take great pleasure in reporting the Mayor’s failures, incluidng this whole subway vs. LRT debacle that is unfolding today.

The real problem is none of the news outlets are listening to the people. Instead they are pushing their anti-Ford agenda. This is amusing considering a great number of their viewers rely on public transit and would prefer subways. I’m personally agreeing with the pro-subway folks. In a city of this size, underground transit makes sense. It’s a smarter long-term investment.

What I found interesting is that both CityNews and CP24 had on-line polls up today asking people what they really want. The results are clear.

The on-line poll from CP24

The poll from CityNews

But since the polls didn’t seem to go in the favor of what the anti-Ford CityNews wanted, you can be sure you won’t hear about the results of this poll during the news tonight. (In all fairness, CP24 has been less anti-Ford and has on more than one occasion mentioned that citizens do prefer subways.)

The bottom line is this: TTC Chairperson Karen Stintz backstabbed the mayor and wants to run the city one day, regardless of the lies she tells. She says LRTs are “respect for taxpayers” yet taxpayers clearly want subways.

QUICK UPDATE: CTV News also launched an on-line poll and sure enough, you can imagine what the results were.

But as you can guess, Karen Stintz will largely ignore this poll too because after all, polls aren’t scientific and she knows what people want without actually asking them.  It will be interesting to see how the media handles this and if they downplay the fact that people obviously want subways.



  1. I want the subway, it’s clear that the approach to the LRT is doomed to cause more head aches just look at what it did on St. Clair Avenue creating havoc to shop owners etc… the Subway would be faster and more convenient in the long run for all.

  2. I think part of the problem is that people love to hate mayors. People in public office are always criticized and they often don’t get enough credit for their accomplishments. But I think it’s important that the media point out the problems and faults as a service to the citizens. You are correct though – a subway is far more logical for Toronto!

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