Remeber Zack Werner

Does anyone remember that abortion of a TV show called Canadian Idol? I’m betting that most people have either forgotten about it or are trying their best to pretend that it never happened. But the other day, while enjoying a latte at my new favorite coffee spots in the city, a friend asked me if I remembered who Zack Werner was.

For those fortunate enough to have blocked the whole Canadian Idol thing from their minds, you’re even less likely to remember this douchebag. And if you look at that picture, you might think he’s that guy who stands on Bloor Street, yelling about how he will trade sexual favors for money. But just as a refresher, Werner was the Simon Cowell wannabe judge on the show. He’s also the guy who had penises drawn on his face on virtually every bus shelter ad in the city when CTV was promoting the show.

He was — and I’m assuming, still is — a loud mouth jerkweed, who for some reason, thought behaving like Cowell was going to make him a star. Honestly, on the seemingly never-ending list of reasons why Canadian Idol sucked, I’m wagering a bet that his name was right near the top. (I’m also betting that Ben Mulroney was at the top of that list too, but that’s something for another day.)

Thankfully, once CTV put a bullet in the show, Werner vanished from the public eye.  I heard he had a short-lived job on a radio station a while after, but that didn’t pan out very well.  (I guess a few people remembered what a tool he was.)

So to answer my friend’s question; yes, I remember Zack — and I would just assume forget about him like the rest of Canada has being trying to do.


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