Atlantic City Restaurant Week starts soon!

It’s that time of year again. Time for Atlantic City Restaurant Week. For all my peeps down in the Garden State, this is an awesome time, especially if you’re into the whole restaurant and culinary experience. Similar to Winterlicious (and its summer counterpart, Summerlicious) here in Toronto and of course New York Restaurant Week, participating restaurants in and around Atlantic City offer special menus at special prices in the hopes of showcasing what they have to offer – and maybe earning a few new regular patrons along the way.

My only problem with Atlantic City Restaurant Week is… it’s only one week.  And yes, I’m also 500 miles away from it right now. But even if I was down there (which I am certainly planning to be for next year’s event) seven days is not nearly enough time to sample all of the amazing places that are on the list.  Even if you did one restaurant for lunch and another for dinner, you can’t possibly try them all. Might I suggest to the folks down at the Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority that they add a second restaurant week, perhaps in the fall?

I really love things like this, coupled with the fact that it takes place in a city that is near and dear to me. It’s good for the hospitality industry and the city’s tourism.

Atlantic City Restaurant Week runs from March 4 until March 10.


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