Yes, please fire Ron Wilson (and Brian Burke too.)

I normally don’t pay attention to the CityNews polls on their web site, usually because they are most always something sophomoric aimed at their viewers —  you know, the same people who actually line up overnight for Viewer Appreciation Day. (I wish I was making that up.)  But the featured on Friday, February 24 was the best poll question they’ve had in recent memory. And the results that had come in so far were also awesome.

The question is simple: Is it time for the Leafs to fire Ron Wilson?

In the wake of losing seven of their last games, I would say YOU BET YOUR SISTER’S SWEET ASS IT’S TIME TO FIRE HIM. (Except that wasn’t an option… so I had to vote “YES”.)

One has to wonder if Rogers (owners of Citytv and co-owners of the Toronto Maple Leafs along with Bell) are putting their feelers out to Leafs Nation to see what people think. Fans must wonder how can the most profitable hockey team in the entire NHL can let this continue.

After 45 years of not winning the cup and having their last playoff appearance be in 2004, you’d better believe it’s time to clean house. And not just with Ron Wilson. General Manager Brian Burke needs to go too. Maybe the G.M.’s view isn’t so good from way up in the Gondola above the Air Canada Centre, but the view (and the stench) from ice level is pretty bad. Something needs to be done.

No more contract extensions, no more excuses, just bring down the axe and bring it down hard.


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