Rest in Peace, Dr. Robin Scorpio

I was never really a huge soap opera fan, although when I did watch, I always seem drawn to General Hospital. And of all the characters on the show, I liked Robin Scorpio. But all that is over now as I discovered upon reviewing my PVRed shows from this week. (Yes, I felt like doing some catching up with the folks from Port Charles. Don’t judge me.) It turns out that Robin Scorpio is dead.

In grand soap opera fashion, Robin was blown up following a gas leak at the hospital.  She is survived by her husband Patrick, her mother Anna and her daughter Emma. She was also the only soap opera character to have been diagnosed and living with HIV.

In the real world, Kimberly McCullough decided to leave General Hospital to follow her life-long dream of being a director. Depending how that works out for her, as we all know in the soap operas, there’s always a chance that she could return in a dream, a flashback, as a ghost or even have found a way to survive the explosion. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that happened.



  1. There are 10000000 ways to get Robin of the show. Just send her to find treatment, replace her, make her sick, send her to Africa, for god sake – why to kill. Emily, Cortney, Robin – the writers take the most king and heartful character and kill it. Let people go, don’t kill, after years of watching you get use to someone and its very hard to watch them leave tragically. I wanted to stop watching the show after Emily death, I may do the same after Robin. I don’t like OMC people here. Another blond girl, who even does not look too good. yea…….the show is getting more and more unattractive

    1. She came back as a ghost on Monday, but then faded away. I agree with you. Plenty of better ways to get rid of her, but maybe that’s what she asked for.

  2. I hope they air a funeral for her. I hope Frisco, felicia, Sean Donnelly, Jake,
    and Bobbie make a come back for her funeral. They were all close to her as a child in the 80’s. It would be nice to see some more oldie’s from the 80’s come back that never died on the show such as terry brock, patrick o’connor, jimmie lee, etc.

  3. what’s the story? After Robin’s funeral, she appeared alive at some type of facility being held against her will. Will she return? Hope

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