Vote for my hometown (Sea Isle City)

Just thought I would toss a little love out to my hometown as the New Jersey’s Top Ten Beaches contest gets underway this week.  Tourism season is just around the corner (yes, I know it’s still February… but believe me, Memorial Day will be here soon.) and a vote for a local beach town makes a great deal of difference when it comes to local economy and tourism.

Now, despite what the worst show in the history of television might have you believe, seaside towns in Jersey are not filled with ginos and grease-ball losers getting drunk every night. South Jersey has some of the most beautiful and picturesque shore towns in all of the United States.

And I come from one of them.

So do me a favor and vote for my hometown, Sea Isle City. There are three categories you can vote in; Day Trips, Family Vacation and Eco-Tourism.  And if you’ve never been down to the Garden State, you can always start planning your next getaway.


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