My Whitney Houston memory

I didn’t really have much to say when I heard about the death of Whitney Houston. I was never a big fan of hers the way some people were and I’m probably the only girl in my glass who waited until the VHS came out before I watched The Bodyguard. But I did like her music and I was sad to hear that yet another talented singer had died.

The first time I ever heard of Whitney Houston was when I won her debut album as a door prize when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure it was at some Fourth of July party in town and I remember my ticket being called out and being handed the record. (Yes, it was an actual record. I grew up in the 80’s, remember?) I had no idea who she was, so I took the album home and put it on my shelf.  I also remember Stacey Stewart – a snot-nosed little brat from my grade school – taking the chance to tell me that “she’s a nobody” and “what a crappy prize.

My father was very supportive and assured me that Whitney Houston was a talented singer and from that point on, he would always show me just how popular she was. He would call me to come downstairs and watch her accept a Grammy award or show me one of her performances on talk show, always reminding me “you have her first album. She’s a big star now.”

Of course we all know what happened after that peach colored album was released; Whitney Houston would go on to become one of the biggest female recording artists of all time, dubbed “The Voice” by millions of fans. The Bodyguard soundtrack went on to become the biggest selling soundtrack of all time and she would be the first singer to have seven consecutive number one songs on the Billboard charts.

I still have that LP in my collection.

Whitney’s life was riddled with problems. Whether it came from a sudden rise to fame that she couldn’t handle, or the abuse she took at the hands of her ex-husband Bobby Brown. It was sad to watch a once top-rated superstar fall so hard.  I haven’t really said anything publicly about her death, unlike most of the on-line community that took to Twitter and blogs to share their feelings. But I felt like sharing my fondest Whitney Houston memory.


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