Things were simpler back then…

If there’s one thing I’m learning about myself and my life by going through all the old posts I wrote and adding them back to this site, it’s that things were a lot simpler back then.  At least looking back at them now I can say that.

Sure, while I was going through it, some of the smallest problems seemed like mountains to me.  I was dealing with a lot in my life – and despite being open and honest with people, I kept a great many things to myself.  Things that I actually wish I had shared, if only so I could look back on them now and see that it wasn’t so bad.

I was also incredibly young back then. Both in my outlook on life and my style of writing. Way too many exclamation points and way too many hate-filled rants towards celebrities I hate. (Although in all fairness, I still hate Mariah Carey, Jennifer Whorepez and Paris Hilton.) Part of me wishes I could back in time and have a Do-Over, and write things down in a more calm and thought-out way.  But that is how I was feeling and that’s how I decided to capture the moment.

And talk about a change in attitude. I certainly didn’t take “blogging” seriously back then. In fact, other than using the term once or twice, I refereed to what I was doing as “updates”. I didn’t adopt a blog format until many years later when I was sure the term had caught on.

But not taking that kind of thing seriously was a good thing. Look at how many marketing and public relations blow hards will tell you that blogging is the be-all and end-all to social media.  I was doing it for years before it caught on, and I can assure you that there was nothing be-all about my writing.  I was just some girl who wrote down what she was thinking and talked about what she was doing.

I guess it’s normal to look back on our lives and say that things were easier back then. Yet somehow, even with the problems we had, we got through them. So that naturally leads me to believe that whatever is getting us down these days, will one day seem like nothing.



  1. You’re growing. I guess that’s what it means. I think I am too. I also hate a lot of my old hate-rant posts from the past and wonder why I wrote them. Were they cathartic? Maybe at the time. Now they just bring back bad memories. I’m now trying to be more positive, and to surround myself by happier things and people. I dunno if it’s working. I seem to have developed an alcohol problem in the process. haha.

    1. I think it’s also a case of “everything seems better when you look back on it” If it was good then, looking back it will feel like it was amazing. Or at least simple and good compared to life today. But I know I just need to keep making the most of it. :)

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