People really hate the Subway Monkey

A while back I wrote a blog post about how much I hate the Subway monkey (seen in Canadian Subway commercials) and how, more or less, I felt he should die.  In fact, after careful consideration, I put him on my hit list along with all of the Kardashians, the entire cast of Jersey Shore and Casey Anthony.

Yup. That’s right. I just lumped the Subway Monkey into a group with a bar slut who killed her baby.

Either way, the computer generated little bastard still haunts the airwaves, much to my dismay. But, if there is a silver lining to all of this, I’m happy to report that I’m not alone in my hatred for him.  I know this because of the search terms that people have entered and found their way to my site.  Here are a choice few:

“Subway monkey must die”, “Kill the Subway Monkey”, “Subway Monkey sucks”, “Why is there a stupid monkey in Subway ads”

And those are only the most popular ones. (There are a few others with some, shall we say, “interesting” wording that even I wouldn’t reprint.)  Maybe Subway should take a cue and kill off the monkey once and for all.  My boycott of Subway Canada restaurants continues until the monkey is done away with.



  1. I wouldn’t go so far as to boycott the franchises because of the monkey, but I DO agree – it was a foolish decision to use him, and he’s a giant marketing blunder. I can’t wait until he’s gone. On the other hand, I really miss the Taco Bell Chihuahua. He was the best.

  2. First they STRESSED fresh so f*****g long and so often it made me think they’re just trying to fool people with the power of suggestion. Brown lettuce, must be fresh!

    And now for what brought me here. You c***s***ing stupid motherf*****g retard marketing kids and your dumbass lame brain ideas on what YOU THINK PEOPLE LIKE. Me and my girlfriend are both boycotting subway as well, simply out of spite of that little prick monkey.

    Imagine having the worst f****ng day of your life and then you get home and click on the TV and that subway monkey is smiling with his stupid grin at you and your problems! I would go as far as cutting of this animators hand so something like this can never happen again.

  3. Hallelujah! I KNEW I wasn’t the only one!
    I’m 1,000 % on the same page as you Zoey, and agree wholeheartedly with your reasoning.

    As a marketing person, I feel my intelligence is insulted every time I see that damn monkey.
    Furthermore, I’m always thinking ”damn, some people are making decent money coming up with that BS…and their bosses, who approve these campaigns, make even more money…and I’m sitting here, well-aware that I can come up with WAY BETTER stuff than this…NOT making their salary – that’s just bumming me out!”

    Hermes: so right! Indeed, seeing that ”thing” is the last thing you want after a hard day!

    I’ve been boycotting Subway ever since the damn thing came out. And I won’t bend.

    Is there a facebook group about this? t’d be interesting to see how many people get on board…make it trend on twitter, haha.

    Thank you for your text Zoey!

  4. I just feel really nauseous when I see the Subway monkey. That, combined with the annoying announcer’s voice, and the “real” people as spokespeople, make me think I should boycott Subway too. The monkey makes me so mad. I hate monkeys in general, and this one takes the cake. He’s so smug. The karate video game one, arggggh! Hate it. Subway, listen to the consumers: we hate the monkey. We hate the annoying announcer. We hate the yucky “real” peoole. And the “$5 footlong” commercials are THE stupidest things I have ever seen. Change it up, or I’m going to Quiznos.

  5. I just think it’s a very odd coincidence that the monkey resembles that idiot fishing guy Dave Mercer on tv who they happen to sponsor. Coincidence I think not. Funny how I can’t stand both. I haven’t been able to figure out why a so called healthy choice restaurant would want to use a monkey as their choice for marketing their product anyway.. Really? A monkey? Who was the one idiot that signed off on that one? I like Subway, but please get rid of the creepy monkey please!

  6. What they need is a good old fashioned ‘camera rotating a hot chick eating a sub while her hair is blowing in the wind’.
    No need for an annoying announcer. Just queue the girl with music and at the end put up the deal on screen. Profit.

  7. I absolutely hate the Subway monkey. I almost hate the commericial’s announcer as much. His voice drives me up the wall and it’s a barrage on my eyes and ears. Really grates my nerves.

  8. Finally, someone who hates that damn monkey as much as I do…along with the weird smell that hits me every time a walk into a subway. Every time I mentioned either, I was met with weird blank stares, like I was the only one ever to have questioned, or noticed the strangeness of both. WHY A MONKEY? AND WHY SUCH A STUPID LOOKING MONKEY? Where did he come from? Who thought him up, and who OK’d such a think up. PLEASE someone answer this. I work as a cashier (not at subway) and a guy was hunting for his airmiles card in his wallet and the monkey card fell out. We had the most meaningful conversation of my career about why he exists.

    I felt less alone.

    Perhaps this is his purpose.

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