What’s old is new again

Good news for those with tons of time on their hands! I’ve begun the tedious task of uploading all the Classic posts from years gone by onto this site. Now you have even more pointless drivel to read in your spare time. I appologize to any and all email subcribers who have been bombared with announcments letting you that every five minutes a new post has been added to the blog. But now you know what’s going on.

For those coming late to the party, I’ve been blogging since 2001. But looking at the sidebar where the archives are stored, you might not know that. Mainly because the posts from 2001 up until 2009 are missing in action.

Well, to be honest, they’re not missing… I just haven’t transferred them over yet.

I know, I had years to do this, but never found the time.  Which now, when I’m bogged down with tons of stuff to do, makes for a perfect chance to catch up.  So slowly but surely, I’ve begun adding posts month by month, making no changes to them (except in the case of a dead-link) and giving you a dose of what my life was like over the past decade.


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