All you need is love

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and while there’s no one particular person in my life that I’m sending flowers to or getting chocolates from, I still think it’s a pretty good day.  I did my part; I wore a red top and even a red bra. (Although in all fairness that was because my favorite black bra was in the wash and the red one happened to come up in the rotation.)

A lot of people – a surprising amount of women, in fact – take a stance against Valentine’s Day. Even women who are in loving relationships. I never really understood this, mainly because I never saw a problem with the day itself. (I know what you’re saying; someone as cynical as me, likes Valentine’s Day? Yes. It’s true.)

Yes, it’s a mostly commerical holiday designed to perk people up during the dreary winter months and of course to sell cards and chocolates. It ties Mothers Day as far as busy days at restaurants. and I could see how it could be a painful reminder to some who are single. But I like to look beyond that and see it as a day to celebrate love and happiness.  That’s something the world could use a lot more of these days.


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