Why I hate Blogger

I really hate Blogger. I feel bad saying that seeing as they were the first mainstream blogging platform for writers out there and for the longest time I used them for my site. Hell, I even had a Blogger t-shirt and not only was it very comfortable, it made my boobs look nice.

But those days are long gone. Since being bought over by Google, which could be considered a good thing by some people, I find that things have been slowly going downhill. The straw that broke my back the other day was when I was trying to leave a comment on a blog and the word verification thing kept asking me to sign in, only to tell me that I didn’t get the letters right.  After seven tries, I knew it couldn’t be my fault.

In all fairness, like I said, I used to use Blogger and I know a lot of folks who still use it and have actually made their sites look great. But for me, I’m so over it I can’t even begin to tell you.

And on a side note, I apologize to those who have blogs with Blogger and for some reason I can’t leave comments.  Now you know why.



  1. I am actually kind of disappointed in Blogger myself. A lot of people have told me they can’t leave comments – so I changed my settings to “Anyone”. I’d love to switch, but I have put so much into the coding, I don’t want to lose everything and end up wasting an entire weekend fixing it all. I’ll hold out until something goes wrong. Probably not the best idea, but then again I never claimed I was smart. ;)

  2. I’m one of those people! Didn’t want you think I wasn’t showing you any love by not leaving comments. It’s all Blogger’s fault!

    1. Yours is one of the blogs where Blogger actually works… and works well, too, I might add. I think it comes down to settings and the fact that Google stuff doesn’t always play nice with other companies. ;)

  3. I am getting really frustrated with blogger as well… I haven’t had any problems leaving comments, but I find that when I am trying to add a post and want to add a photo I always have issues placing the photo exactly where I want it. And then sometimes it completely screws around with all the text and it is just one big disaster!

    In fact, I’m having that exact problem right now… Kind of how I came across this post actually.

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