I would be a better TTC chairman than Karen Stintz

I was pleased when Karen Stintz was named chairperson of the Toronto Transit Commission. I figured, finally a woman is going to get things done and clean up the mess that Adam Giambrone made.  And at first, it seemed as if she really cared about her job.

But after going against the mayor push above ground LRTs instead of subways, it seems she has made some enemies – namely the Ford Brothers. And can you really blame them for being pissed? After all, Ford hand-picked Stintz and she turned around and stabbed him in the back.

But she did that because she knew her job was safe and there would be no repercussions. Ironically enough, because of a ruling that Ford voted for!

I still think that when you spit in the face of the man who gave you a position, you should step down. Especially considering that it’s now clear you have your own agenda  you want to push. (And possibly a run for mayor in 2014?)  That’s why I feel I would be a perfect replacement for Stintz as chairperson of the TTC.

Think about it; I’m tall (5’10”) so you will always see me at press conferences. I’m well spoken and for the most part, I dress nicely. (Although I can’t promise there won’t be days that I don’t stumble into City Hall chambers in sweat pants.) I think I could find a compromise between subways and LRTs that would make everyone happy. (I do have plenty of free time on my hands and I admit to drawing a few dream maps of the TTC network using Microsoft Word.) And I have red hair. What better marketing tool than a redhead pushing the Red Rocket?

And why not install someone who is NOT a city councillor as chairman? Give the job to a citizen of the city who actually uses the TTC and can offer a real, everyday persons’ opinion on how to improve things. We could do worse. When you think about it, we already have.


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