Hitting the Reset Button… yet again

Morning! Yes, after a restless night I have gone and done it again. I crawled out of bed and more or less ran my arm across the proverbial desk that is my web site, clearing all the clutter and noise and crap I was tired of looking at and redid everything.

Well, I might have oversold that one a tiny bit. Maybe not everything got redone. But I did change the color and a the banner and a few formatting changes.

And I dropped all the old posts.

Don’t worry (not that you were losing sleep over it… that’s my job, after all) The posts are still here. I firmly believe in keeping the past visible and owning up to it — even when it’s not that good. But once again I felt it was time for a change.  So in keeping with my need to reset things every few years, the older posts don’t come up right away. (They will return in time once the main page fills up with new posts.)

New posts, you say? Yes, new posts. There will be new posts.

I wanted (another) clean start for this year. A new look and a promise that I will actually write things on my site. Yes, I know I have said that before and much like when Paris Hilton tells you she’s not a slut, you have a hard time believing it when you hear it, but I can assure you that I will make a viable attempt this time around.



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