Month: February 2012

Community returns; please cancel Whitney and Chelsea

Even though I seem to be watching less and less TV these days, I’m happy to see one of the shows I really like, Community, is coming back mere weeks after NBC put it on hiatus. The prolonged break was so that the Peacock Network could welcome back 30 Rock, which for some inexplicable reason, is still on the air.

I wasn’t into Community at first. Several things turned me off it. One being “why would I watch a show with Chevy Chase on it”. (That proved to be one of the best things about the series) and two, in Canada it’s on Citytv, which means no other network wanted to touch it. (Occasionally though they do get a hit show.)

Anyway, I’m glad to see Community will be coming back to the prime-time line up.  Now if only NBC could do the right thing and cancel the worst sitcom in history, Whitney.

I have no idea who Whitney Cummings has naked pictures of (probably the same ones Tracey Morgan has) but they must be good. Because that piece of crap show she calls “comedy” is still on the air.  And as much as I love Chelsea Handler (gotta give props to a fellow Jersey Girl) her sitcom “Are You There Chelsea” also needs to have a bullet put in it.  I tried watching a few minutes of it, and it was so bad it made me want to read a Rebecca Eckler book just to cleanse my pallet.

And people wonder why I don’t watch hours of TV anymore.


The stadium formerly known as SkyDome

Hard to believe it’s been seven years since Rogers Communications ruined a Toronto landmark by purchasing SkyDome and changing its name. Granted, if I spent $25 million on a stadium, I’d want my name all over it too. But did they have to incorporate the word “Centre” after their own name? It makes the once-great Dome sound like a strip mall anchored by a video store. (interestingly enough, there is a Rogers Plus store attached to the south side of the stadium now. I’m not sure if they rent videos.)

It was often said that the reason Rogers didn’t call it RogersDome was because they were worried that people would drop “Rogers” from the name when talking about and simply call it The Dome.  And like I said, for $25 million, you want to make sure they say your name.

I remember the cry that went up from not only fans, but also the media about how ridiculous the name change was.  Funny how the folks at Citytv – themselves bought over by Rogers in 2007 – no longer have anything to say about that. I, like most people, hate the new name and refuse to use it.

It will always be SkyDome to me, or simply The Dome. Still to this day I call it that when telling people where I’m going to watch a ballgame or identifying the second most recognizable landmark in the city. When I first came here in 1997 it was one of my favorite places in the city, and not just because it hosted WrestleMania. There was just something simple, yet impressive about it.

And the name, as we all know by now, was great too.

Rest in Peace, Dr. Robin Scorpio

I was never really a huge soap opera fan, although when I did watch, I always seem drawn to General Hospital. And of all the characters on the show, I liked Robin Scorpio. But all that is over now as I discovered upon reviewing my PVRed shows from this week. (Yes, I felt like doing some catching up with the folks from Port Charles. Don’t judge me.) It turns out that Robin Scorpio is dead.

In grand soap opera fashion, Robin was blown up following a gas leak at the hospital.  She is survived by her husband Patrick, her mother Anna and her daughter Emma. She was also the only soap opera character to have been diagnosed and living with HIV.

In the real world, Kimberly McCullough decided to leave General Hospital to follow her life-long dream of being a director. Depending how that works out for her, as we all know in the soap operas, there’s always a chance that she could return in a dream, a flashback, as a ghost or even have found a way to survive the explosion. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that happened.

Yes, please fire Ron Wilson (and Brian Burke too.)

I normally don’t pay attention to the CityNews polls on their web site, usually because they are most always something sophomoric aimed at their viewers —  you know, the same people who actually line up overnight for Viewer Appreciation Day. (I wish I was making that up.)  But the featured on Friday, February 24 was the best poll question they’ve had in recent memory. And the results that had come in so far were also awesome.

The question is simple: Is it time for the Leafs to fire Ron Wilson?

In the wake of losing seven of their last games, I would say YOU BET YOUR SISTER’S SWEET ASS IT’S TIME TO FIRE HIM. (Except that wasn’t an option… so I had to vote “YES”.)

One has to wonder if Rogers (owners of Citytv and co-owners of the Toronto Maple Leafs along with Bell) are putting their feelers out to Leafs Nation to see what people think. Fans must wonder how can the most profitable hockey team in the entire NHL can let this continue.

After 45 years of not winning the cup and having their last playoff appearance be in 2004, you’d better believe it’s time to clean house. And not just with Ron Wilson. General Manager Brian Burke needs to go too. Maybe the G.M.’s view isn’t so good from way up in the Gondola above the Air Canada Centre, but the view (and the stench) from ice level is pretty bad. Something needs to be done.

No more contract extensions, no more excuses, just bring down the axe and bring it down hard.

Pin me on Pinterest

Like most social media trends, I was resisting Pinterest for as long as possible (it’s been around for almost two years) but I figured I would finally give it a shot. Because after all, it’s yet another tool where I can talk, post things and let people know about my favorite subject: me.

Actually, those who really know me, know that I’m quite reserved when it comes to that and I am much more open about my life on-line than I am in person. So I guess when you look at it that way, it makes sense that I got myself a Pintrest page.

So yes, now you can see a whole bunch of things that I like, pinned to my virtual pin board in various categories. As I get more comfortable with it, I’ll add and change things. But for now, it’s another awesome time-waster and a chance to share all kinds of things you probably didn’t need to know about me.

Adam Giambrone was no Hans Gruber

If you’re in the public eye and suddenly one day you decide to do something that will turn people against you, then you should really go all the way.  No half-assed efforts allowed in this day and age. Go big or go home.

And look no further that one of the best villains of all time; Die Hard‘s Hans Gruber.

Hans Gruber was a ruthless, yet classy son-of-a-bitch who had little or no regard for human life.  He was ready to kill 40 people in a roof-top explosion just to get away with tons of cash. Hans was so cold-blooded that when Bruce Willis’ character begged him to stop firing missiles at an LAPD tank, he responded matter-of-factually “Thank you, I’ll take that under advisement” and then proceeded to fire again.

Now that’s a bad-ass.

Adam Gimabrone was a screw-up.  When he suddenly did what in the wrestling world is refereed to as a “heel turn” (going from being a good-guy to a bad guy) he couldn’t even do that right. As we all know by now, after announcing he would run for mayor, it was exposed that he had cheated on his girlfriend with undergrad Kristin Lewis.  This of course all on the heels of being an inept Toronto Transit Commission chairman.  All fodder for becoming classic a villain and telling the world to suck it. This was suddenly his chance to step up to the plate, stop being an incompetent , clueless person and grab the city by the balls. (Metaphorically, of course.)

But no. That didn’t happen. Instead, during a press conference where he expressed his sorrow for his actions in a performance that even Mandy Moore would roll her eyes at, he hung his head in shame. That was it. He blew his chance to give a middle finger to the world and say “You never took me seriously, so now you can all ride my rocket!” Or something like that. (I offer my services as script-writer to anyone interested.)

My only guess is he decided to bow out and hope that people forget about what he did. But that won’t happen, now will it? The damage is done, so you might as well own the moment and ride it out for a long as you can.

On the other hand, Rob Ford is going down to Gruber-Town these days with his “you never go against the family” approach. Firing TTC boss Gary Webster because he didn’t agree or side with him. Now THAT’S how you turn heel. All that’s missing now is a great catch-phrase, an evil laugh and maybe a cape.

Vote for my hometown (Sea Isle City)

Just thought I would toss a little love out to my hometown as the New Jersey’s Top Ten Beaches contest gets underway this week.  Tourism season is just around the corner (yes, I know it’s still February… but believe me, Memorial Day will be here soon.) and a vote for a local beach town makes a great deal of difference when it comes to local economy and tourism.

Now, despite what the worst show in the history of television might have you believe, seaside towns in Jersey are not filled with ginos and grease-ball losers getting drunk every night. South Jersey has some of the most beautiful and picturesque shore towns in all of the United States.

And I come from one of them.

So do me a favor and vote for my hometown, Sea Isle City. There are three categories you can vote in; Day Trips, Family Vacation and Eco-Tourism.  And if you’ve never been down to the Garden State, you can always start planning your next getaway.