christmas time is here (again!)

Once again the year is winding down and while things don’t always go the way we want them to, this year has been better than some of the ones in the past. Naturally there’s always room for improvement, but that’s what 2012 is for.

I’m fortunate enough to once again be back down in Jersey, celebrating with my family.  The drive was good, the weather has been cooperating and the mood is rather festive — which is always a good thing.

Hopefully everyone out there has a Merry Christmas (if you’re celebrating) and a wonderful New Year.



  1. Merry Christmas n Happy New Year Zoey!

    I’m still alive- just don’t get over here too oftenThese days- unless I BBsit at BBMs where the good computer is- Mine has loading/update issues.

    I see you’re older n still into leather skirts- a good thing!
    Have a great time in Jersey- safe travels
    Your old buddy SnaggleTooth

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