Once again my birthday has rolled around and as it happens every year, I’m now 365 days older than I was this time last year.  A lot of people wonder if I’m worried about getting thismuch closer to being forty and honestly, I haven’t given it that much thought.

I actually consider myself lucky to be “getting up there” when it comes to age. Not that my days were numbered, but so often we open the newspaper (for those of us who still read newspapers, that is) or turn on the TV and see stories about young people’s lives tragically being cut short.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have blessed with a good family and good friends. And when it comes to how I spend my birthday, usually it involves nothing more than relaxing at home.  I’m done with the big parties and get-togethers, although I do appreciate the good wishes, so thank you for those.



  1. Well happy birthday to you, Zoey and best wishes.

    I’m in my final years of my twenties and it’s not something I think about too much. Its important to have positive people in your life which is why I share you sentiments regarding family and friends. Also, what you and I have in common is how we prefer to spend our birthdays ;)

  2. Happy birthday! Thirty-seven is a great age, still plenty of time to go before 40–and having hit that one two years ago myself, it wasn’t that big a deal once it arrived. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the day however you ended up spending it!

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