leather season returns

Yes of course I’m excited about the return of Leather Pants (and Leather Skirts) Season. I’ve been embracing it for the past few months now. (Since late September, in fact.) I wait all year for this to happen and it seems that once again, I’m ahead of the curve. Leather store Danier is pushing way more leather pants and skirts this year (as well as dresses too!), compared to previous years when the focus has been on their jackets and accessories.  As well I noticed Sears and Dynamite also have leather skirts in the line-up.

Leather is sometimes a slippery slope for people. For some, it brings back memories of 80’s rock bands or biker chicks. But every so often, it creeps into the mainstream and becomes a staple of fashion. Naturally I’m thrilled about this.

I’ve been doing the whole leather thing since college. Back then, PVC and vinyl were also in style, but it was common to see everyone from TV personalities to normal folks on the street wearing leather pants or skirts.  Then from 2000 until 2003 leather was also big again. It seems to come and go, but for me it will always be a staple of my wardrobe.



  1. I was wondering when you were going to make this post knowing what a big love of leather pants and skirts you are and that fall is in full swing. My friend has been interested in getting a pair of black leather pants, but she hasn’t acted on it yet so we’ll see. I was at York Dale mall recently and I saw quite a few ladies wearing leather pants…well it’s the same when I go downtown Toronto this time of year as well. Not as common here in Mississauga and it’s hard not to notice a lady in leather pants.

    You’re love for leather pants and skirts is something I’ve always found exciting about you, Zoey. Especially with how much you like talking about it. I’m sure you get a lot of flattering comments and reactions from people when you’re wearing them. I think its great that you love wearing them regardless whether they are big in fashion or not. I would think with leather fashion becoming more mainstream, those stereotypes and stigma about it would seem a bit antiquated at this point, don’t you think?

    Zoey, do you feel part of the appeal of wearing leather pants(or skirt) is that they are not as ubiquitous in everyday fashion? Do you ever feel a bit of uniqueness when you’re wearing them? Maybe because you’re probably not surrounded by or encounter many people who wears them.

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