still got love for wikipedia

I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy Wikipedia. I love how one article can lead to another and then another and by the time you’re ready to shut off your computer, you’re amazed at how one link took you to so many different stories.

Of course there is the fact that Wikipedia, like most things found on the Internet, can sometimes by unreliable on account of the fact that it can be edited by just about anyone .  But considering that people have left their own personal touches on certain articles makes it more fun. It’s an interesting trip down memory lane in some cases and for the most part, a reliable source for information, dates and stats (providing all information as been referenced and can be cross-checked)

You see kids, (and young journalists of the world) crossing-checking and fact-checking are things that journalists used to do back in the days before Twitter and Wikipedia. I know it’s hard to imagine, but that’s how we used to roll. Scary stuff, huh?



  1. Wikipedia is one of my most frequented site as well…it sits on my bookmark toolbar next to a bunch of other sites. I’m always reading about something movie or music related, but often I just find myself reading articles about random subjects and just being fascinated by it. Like one time I was just reading about various species of plants haha. Other times its just coming across a word or subject on web then looking it up on wikipedia and reading about it to nurture ones curiosity.

    Of coarse, if your an academic, its best to steer clear of wikipedia as a source. Though I’m sure most schools ban the use of wikipedia…at least at the college/university level.

    By the way, Zoey, who designed your banner?

  2. I almost agree with you on this, but I never have and (probably) never will rely on wikipedia for important facts. I’ve come across far too many errors and lies. It’s definitely fun and can suck up your time quick, that’s for sure. Basically I like to use it as a starting point for research, then try to confirm the facts elsewhere.

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