yes, it’s hot. we get it

It must be either a slow news day or local media are going for the quick and easy sell. As temperatures here in Toronto reach the 95°F mark, every major media outlet from CTV to Global and the even The Toronto Star and Toronto Sun are jumping on the “it’s hot outside” bandwagon.

Naturally there are the expected side stories about ways to keep cool, how your pet feels the heat, if you can cook food inside your car and how air conditioning units are selling like – pardon the pun – hot cakes.

While everyone with a pulse is aware of how hot it is, it’s amazing how the media seems to think that nobody knows this. That’s why it’s the lead story everywhere, prompting me to wonder if nobody has criticized Rob Ford in the last seven hours for making cuts or if anyone got shot. (Those are normally the lead stories in this city.)

Hearing about how hot it is certainly doesn’t help the situation and frankly I’m tired of everyone bitching about it. Because we all know that in seven months from now everyone will complain about how cold and miserable it is.

Except me. I have central air and heat.


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