rob ford isn’t always to blame

I noticed when talking to colleagues and friends that Toronto mayor Rob Ford is getting a lot of flack these days because of the cuts he needs to make in order to get the city back on track. Naturally, people who don’t like Ford, his policies and his way of running things, use this as a chance to blast him over and over again.  Most recently, the announcement of cuts, buyouts and layoffs at City Hall have got people taking pop-shots at him.

Aside from all the “Slob” Ford jokes (because after all, nothing says ‘classy’ like attacking a man because of his weight) Ford Haters blame him for everything that goes wrong. But they forget why Toronto is in the situation its in: David Miller.

The seven-year long Miller administration left this city in shambles. Over-taxed and poorly run.  Very similar to how the U.S. is trying to cope with the leftovers from the Bush administration.  Obama is not a miracle worker and he is struggling to get the country back on its feet. Ford certainly has his work cut out of him too.

Miller’s need to make the city the greenest place in the world, coupled with his high taxes, bad management and over-spending is almost forgotten when people are looking for someone to point the finger at. But it shouldn’t be. Miller and his administration were heading in the wrong direction.

Greedy politicians and critics of Ford seem to think that because Toronto has so many people living in it, and it’s the top choice for business as well as media and commerce, that there is some bottomless pit where money comes from. So they lash out at the mayor when he tells everyone we have to tighten our belts.

It’s true: cuts need to be made and yes, in some cases that sucks. But if those cuts aren’t made, then the city will have to look at new ways of generating money — and that always means higher taxes.

And who do you think everyone will blame for that when it happens?



  1. I totally agree with you 100% on how everyone seems to want to take potshots at Rob Ford. Lets not forget what Miller did during the garbage strike by insulting the veterans by not allowing the Canadian Day parade for which those involved would clean up but no Miller cancelled Canada Day for All Torontonians. In that same week he allowed The Pride Parade and a Micheal Jackson tribute on guess what day Canada Day. It would have been a home run if the Pride stepped up to the plate and said to Miller you cant cancel Canada Day for the city of Toronto that year, but Miller showed his Pride this year and it certainly wasn’t Canadian Ford is a busy man with a ton on his plate and deserves to be with his family when not working or attending a photo op at every function.

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