lingerie football, anyone?

I’ve been rather quiet about the whole Lingerie Football League debate since it was first announced that Toronto was getting a team.  But now, as the Triumph gear up for what I’m sure will be an exciting season of running around in satin shorts and sports bras, I have to say something.

But I should warn you. I’m of two minds on this subject.

One side of the coin looks like this. I’m glad that Toronto has a team. I’m also glad that there are women who are confident enough with the way they look and enjoy the game of football enough to make this happen. And good for Rob Ford’s niece Krista Ford being named team captain. (on a side note, if the Triumph wins the Panty Bowl — or whatever the championship game is called — do you think Rob Ford will attend the victory parade?) But the other side begs the question: why does it have to be a LINGERIE league?

Can’t women be taken seriously enough to have just a normal league where they play football and people go to the games because they want to cheer on their home team?

I guess not. Take for example, the WNBA.  The all women’s basketball league has been around since 1997 — and nobody really cares.  After all, when was the last time you heard people talking excitedly about a WNBA game or whether Toronto is going to get a team?

Problem is unless you market the team and the league players as sex symbols, it won’t work in today’s narrow minded world.

Look a women’s wrestling.  Back in the day, it would out-draw men’s wrestling. But now, thanks to the sexed up Playboy style of the WWE’s so-called women’s division, coupled with their practically non-existent outfits (very similar to the Lingerie Football League, I might add) the Divas matches are nothing more than a chance for audience members to get up and go to the bathroom.

As a woman, it’s a little disappointing that the only way an all girl’s team will be taken seriously (and by that, I mean get even a mention on TV) is if the players strip down to their bras and panties and tackle each other.

Two things I would do if I was in charge: one, change the outfits. Give them pants or at least respectable shorts. And two, change the name to Women’s Football League.

But then if that happened, would anyone be talking about it?


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