the woes of shiny pants

Despite growing up in a seaside town, I’ve never been much of a “shorts girl”. I own a few pairs and on occasion, I’ll wear them, but I’m most comfortable in pants or skirts.

And since I’m even more particular about the skirts I wear (only curve-hugging ones or a-line skirts… never the loose, flowery, summer ones) I usually can be seen in pants or jeans.

And yesterday was no exception.

Obviously the last few weeks have been too hot for my trademark leather pants, so I have been changing it up a bit. On non skirt and denim days, I’ve been going with white jeans (that always seem to attract everything messy), my tan pants (that make me feel like I’m working at Blockbuster or BestBuy) or my satin pants, which I chose to wear yesterday.

Now I love my satin pants. They are shiny, they have four or five pockets (depending on the style) they hug my curvy figure and they go with just about anything I own.  Also, they are perfect for something dressy or something casual, depending on what I am doing.  And best of all, they are comfortable.  That’s why I own eight pairs of them, much like my leather ones, ranging in style and color.  Although my preferred choice is black, for those of you taking notes.

However the drawback to shiny pants is that they are a bit slippery, depending on what chair I’m sitting in.  Often I’ll find myself slipping down as I try and sit at my desk, or even when I’m driving.  And if my body doesn’t slip down, my pants do. Yes, a belt can work wonders (and look stylish too) but it can only do so much before physics takes over.  So far it hasn’t come to a point where I slip down so much that my eyes head and hands are the only things visible, but I wonder if I ride the lazy train to the end of the line, how low can I go?

So here I stand (or sit) with a problem. Any tips and tricks to prevent slipping while sitting are greatly appreciated.

Zoey Note: And no… that picture is NOT me. While slipping in my chair, I have very little time to photography shiny self.


One comment

  1. An office chair cushion perhaps? If you don’t have one already. I won’t suggest anything that would only bring you more discomfort lol.

    Too bad you didn’t use a photo of your shiny self. I’m sure you look way sexier than that when you wear your satin or even you leather pants haha :D

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