bad teacher blows

On my ever-growing long list of things I hate, bad movies is somewhere near the top. And usually you can spot a bad movie from a mile away. Sometimes producers make it easy by incorporating Jennifer Aniston so that you can tell right off the top to stay away from the cinema. Other times you can pretty much make up your mind just from seeing a few seconds of the film.

Take for example, Bad Teacher. Cameron Diaz’s latest offering and painful last-ditch attempt at somehow rekindling the success she had with 1998’s There’s Something About Mary. Before that, movie audiences had only seen her in The Mask. Since then, we have been subjected to a barrage of crappy films, including a few attempts at being taken seriously.

But as many girls I went to school with learned the hard way, once you’ve had semen in your hair, it’s pretty damn hard to be taken seriously.

Bad Teacher looks like a stupid movie. And I feel sorry for Jason Segel who is very talented, very funny and quite enjoyable to watch. Justin Timberlake, well, I think we all know how I feel about that guy.  (And if you don’t know, then take my sarcasm as a hint.)

Packed with lame jokes, Bad Teacher is nothing more than a vehicle for Diaz to try and prove she’s a bad-ass and can still do comedy. What ends up happening is a predictable, flat and dull series of events that makes you wish that you had stayed in bed.

Sometimes people in Hollywood need to sit down and accept the fact that movies that seem like a good idea on paper, shouldn’t necessarily be made.  Just because you say “Cameron Diaz… foul mouth teacher… comedy…” doesn’t mean it will be a good film. Hopefully this offering will quietly fade away with little fanfare.

If you were looking for an excuse to stay at home and clean out the basement, remind yourself that Bad Teacher opens this weekend.



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