nathan kotylak is little bitch

I love it when people who deserve it, get what’s coming to them. And that little punk Nathan Kotylak — the kid who took part in the Vancouver Riots after the Bruins won the Bettman Cup Stanley Cup — is finally facing the music.

In a tearful apology, the little prick expressed how sorry he was for what he did – acts of vandalism that included lighting a police car on fire.

Let’s be honest here. The only reason this little bastard is being so apologetic is because his face is plastered everywhere thanks to social media and the news. He didn’t come forward and say he was sorry because of some deep moral struggle or an overwhelming feeling of guilt. He came forward because he knew he was going to get pinched. So he puts on a show, says how sorry he is and keeps his fingers crossed that mommy and daddy can help buy his way out of this and that somehow people will forgive him.

Screw that. I don’t buy it.

While I don’t agree with people targeting his family home (as they have been doing) I can’t say I feel sorry for this spoiled little pretty boy.  Before all this happened, he was some star athlete playing water polo and now he’s the face of the shameful act of what happened in Vancouver last week. Not to mention he’s the butt of jokes on local radio morning shows and people play his “apology”, complete with tears and sobs, over and over again.

You can watch his obviously “heartfelt” apology as he owns up to what he did, courtsey of Global News

I just hope that more of the vandals are rioters are publicly shamed. It’s really the only way to get to these people and while I’m sure they don’t really feel sorry for what they did (after all, how could you explain those acts and try to make people believe that you didn’t know what was going on) they will at least be in the public eye — and society isn’t always forgiving.



  1. You are awesome. Wooo! Yep, this guy, and the other thousand ahole rioters in Vancouver need to fess up. What a disgrace to Canada! I’m ashamed. Oh, and I’m going there next week.

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