one woman show

It seems a lot of people are doing “one person shows” these days that are slightly evolved versions of speaking engagements, mixed with question and answer segments.

Former wrestling champion Hulk Hogan just announced that he’ll be heading out on the road to do 90 minute shows, and recently Charlie Sheen brought his Torpedo Tour to various cities in an effort to prove he isn’t crazy. And course there’s Kevin Smith who with his long-winded and often hilarious stories, made speaking engagements fun thanks to his Evening With Kevin Smith shows.

I’ve done speaking engagements before, be it for students who are curious to learn more about the soul-sucking career choice that is journalism or to talk about the industry with colleagues and hopefuls, and they have always been a blast. But I’ve often thought about how much fun it would be to do my own one woman show.

Now, I’m not about to book Roy Thomson Hall or the Winter Garden Theater, but if I was do a one woman show, filled with question and answer portions and hopefully something that passes for entertainment, what are some of the things you would want to see in my show? Maybe a band on stage or would I take the Russel Peters approach and have a DJ backing me up? Are there any stories you would like to hear?



  1. Just to hear you speak your mind. You can always talk about all the things you’ve seen and experienced living in different places, I’m sure you’d have some interesting stories to tell from that. It would also be interesting to hear you talk about how your love your leather pants started, considering you have an impressive collection of them…that’s what you should wear at all your shows as well ;P

  2. HI Zoey! I found you while googling other one woman show “speakers”. You are right with the kind of one person shows that are popping up. I’ve also heard them referenced as “edutainment”. I think being truly you, stories that relay some of your most memorable and horrifying events in journalism would be great. I also base my story on the questions I’ve gotten over and over again. My parents are Deaf, so it’s like I can predict what they will ask, before they ask me. So I molded my show around that. However, you’ve got a leather pant collection? So, that just pops up so many questions for me! :) Good luck!

    1. “edutainment” is a great word for them! I’ll keep that in mind. And the leather pants grabs your attention as well? Hey… no complaints here! But I don’t think I would wear them in the summer. Maybe a skirt for that part of the tour. LOL

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