the zoeys world logo

The logo seen at the top of my page has been part of my life  — in some way, shape or form — for over 15 years. It has undergone so many changes over the years and like a good fast food restaurant, been reinvented a couple of times, jazzed up and altered in hopes of not only keeping with the times, but also attracting new people.  (Yes, I am fickle that way.) But for the most part, it has been a constant in my life.

Now I know that the Zoey’s World logo will never be at the same level as the Golden Arches, but to me it’s everything.  And funny thing, I never liked the name “Zoey’s World” when I came up with it.  It was simply a place holder until I thought of something better. (And as you may have guessed, that never happened.)

Just a quick look back at the logos used over the years on my site.  The site itself has undergone numerous changes, but the logo, as I said, has always been a part of it.



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