happy memorial day

I think, in addition to The 4th of July and Thanksgiving, Memorial Day is my favorite “American” holiday. For me growing up in Jersey, it was always a special holiday because it meant the end of the school year was just around the corner and it was the unofficial/official kick-off to Summer — especially for a tourist friendly town like Sea Isle City.

Actually, the entire shore enjoyed Memorial Day weekend because it mean increased summer rentals, beach traffic and support for local business. Unfortunately it also meant more car traffic on the Garden State Parkway as well as getting in and out of town and of course the occasional rowdy group of jerks who would treat my hometown as their own private litter box. (Thankfully, I can tell you that NO ONE in Jersey behaves like those ass-hats on that overly scripted “reality” show Jersey Shore. And why does nobody behave like that? Because the show is NOT REAL.)

Anyway, as soon as Memorial Day was done, it wouldn’t be long before the real summer season was in full swing and things really began to heat up. Tourists would come to town for the weekend, one week or two week stays and it would always be nice to meet new people and occasionally make new friends.

But before I knew it, the summer was over and I was looking at Labor Day weekend and the end of summer.  And really, there aren’t that many days in-between when you think about it.  Summer is all too short.

Of course Memorial Day is more than just fireworks and beach parties. It’s a chance for Americans to remember and salute the brave men and women who keep the United States free. And over the past ten years they, along with many brave soldiers from other countries, have been fighting a brave battle in the War on Terror. And even though bin Laden is dead, the war is far from over.

So hopefully those Stateside and those like myself who are Americans living in Canada,  take a moment to remember why we’re able to celebrate Memorial Day.



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