i’m at it again

People get excited every time they see changes on this site.  They usually assume that I’m getting back into the whole internet thing and more posts will be on the way in the near future.  Truth is, I am very much aware of the internet and all that it can do.  In fact, it’s my bread and butter when you really think about it.

But as always, this site sometimes get neglected which is too bad because it’s been more or less a decade since I started it.  I would hate to give it all up now.

The changes, for the time being, are cosmetic.  A fresh coat of paint here, a little splash of color there and that’s about it. But who knows? Maybe all of this will inspire me to use the ‘net for something other than just work.  Maybe I’ll feel comfortable and inspired to return to blogging full-time.

We shall see.


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