moving on up

Every time I start to think my life needs a shot of something new, I consider the option of moving to a new home. As of this spring, I will have been in this townhouse for nine years. Not taking into account my bedroom in my parents’ house, this is the longest place I’ve ever called home.

Part of me starts to wonder if maybe I should mix it up a bit and try living closer to downtown. I’m 36 years old now and I won’t have many more chances to embrace the “big city lifestyle” if I plan to get married and have kids.  But really, does a change of location suddenly make me more trendy? (And at what point did I even consider myself trendy in the first place?)

I know plenty of people who are obsessed with living south of Eglinton just so they can say they live downtown and they own their own house/condo/loft/etc, but they go home to an empty place every night and fill the void by watching reality shows.

I hate reality shows and I don’t need to feel trendy. I just need a place that I feel comfortable in and that feels like home… and for the past nine years, this place has done that for me.  So I guess I don’t need to move. I just need to find something interesting to do.


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