welcome to a new look

If 2011 is supposed to be a year of change (which I’m betting my ass it will be) then I figure I should jump in with both feet. Thus, I did a little “winter cleaning” and changed the look of this site.

Now, before you gush with the compliments saying how much you love what I’ve done with the place (that was sarcasm, for your information) keep in mind that during a year of change, things should always be a work in progress. (I’ll warn you now, I’m not a huge fan of the columns not being a “fixed width”, meaning the words move around depending on the size of your browser window.  So that means another change is probably coming soon.)

That being said, this site will become my work in progress. And over the next 11 months, I’ll decide what I want to do with it, where I want to be in life and what I hope to get out of things.  Remember that annoying “where do you see yourself in five years” question everyone gets asked at one point in their lives? Well, it’s been five years in my book so it’s time to make things happen.

Hopefully 2011 has been good to you so far — even though it’s only a week old.

Update: And as you can see (for those who noticed the change… again) I switched things up and found a new layout that is clean and fixed-width and looks good.


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