Month: July 2010

winding down?

The problem with being a writer and a blogger is that sometimes one suffers because of the other.  I never thought it would happen, but it has.  My blog updates have been few and far between.  I’m surprised that folks haven’t sent out search parties to see if I’m alive or left a trail of Starbucks lattes in hopes of luring me out of seclusion.

Truth is, I’ve been “blogging” before it had a name.  Running updates on my then MSN Communities hosted web site (which really sucked now that I think about it) and then finally turning the site itself into a proper blog as Blogger and WordPress came to the forefront.

I’m hardly the grandma of blogging, but I can honestly say I’ve been doing it long enough to call myself an expert in it.

I’ve talked about it to students, shown companies how to make use of a blog to help their needs and reach their clients and of course used it to work through my own thoughts, problems, feelings and concerns.

Last year a friend of mine I have known for 15 years moved away and suddenly a piece of my life was gone.  He’s doing well and is happy, but that chunk of my life is missing.  It was around then that I turned away from the blog world and kept myself busy with everything else. Before I knew it, so much time had passed that my updates were falling behind.

So what does all of that have to do with my blogging?  For one thing, I have been busy.  Not too busy to write, but when I come up, rather than be left alone with my thoughts, I tend to find other things to do.

I also started to think: “Have I said everything that needs to be said?”  So many people out there have personal blogs, for whatever reason, and they are good at it.  Does anyone really care any more what I have to say?

I’m not looking for sympathy of any kind.  I’m just being honest.

Maybe that’s why blog posts haven’t been a regular thing any more for me.  Maybe it’s time I start winding it down.  2001 will be ten years since I started “blogging”. I can’t help but wonder if 2011 will be the year I decide to push back from the table.