don’t even say it

I know how long it’s been since I last updated.  I can see the date at the top left hand corner of the most recent post.  But in order to make up for my lack of blogging — believe me when I say I’ve been hard at work on other things — I changed the site up a little.

I figured it was time for a change and this new look is reminiscent of a certain “cupcake” theme I had a few years ago. (That of course was in a different blog world with a different blogging thingy)

But yes, my life continues. I won’t even get into how much I hate protesters and anarchists who use the G-20 as an excuse to do bad things.  Or how middle-aged women probably shouldn’t be more excited than their daughters about the new Twilight movie.  I’ll just say that everything is good.

And would you look at that? I wrote more than I thought I would. Maybe this new look for the site is just what I needed.



  1. Change is always nice. Though kind of I miss the pic of you in the leather pants at the top…they are like your signature. Your love for them is one of the interesting things about you.

    Good to see you updating again. You always have something interesting to say and I always enjoy reading it.

    Hope your having a good summer :)

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