things banned (by me) in 2010

As always, the year wouldn’t be complete without my Banned in the New Year list. So, once again, here we go…

Reality Shows (for obvious reasons)
Britney Spears (just because)
Jessica Simpson (and her entire family)
Tom Brady (because everyone thinks he’s so great, but seems to forget how he ditched his pregnant girlfriend a few years ago)
Tiger Woods (for obvious reasons)
30 Rock (because really, it’s just not that funny)
Kayne West (because he’s an asshat)
Beyonce (because she’s annoying)
Emo vampires with messy Jonas Brothers hair who moan about their feelings
Jonas Brothers
Kelly Rippa (why not?)
Celine Dion
Megan Fox
David Miller
Adam Giambrone
The Cleveland Show
Dr. Oz
Leah Miller
Dina Pugliese
(because if her ego grows any more, CityTV will have to move to an even bigger building)
Matte Bable
Farah Nasser (speaking of being full of herself…)
Toronto Maple Leafs (and speaking of sucking…)
Shows where people dance
People who watch shows where people dance
Chris Brown
Boys (and their fathers) and Balloons
Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin’s entire family
Taylor Swift
(wasn’t sure about putting her on the list. She seems nice, but she’s getting a little over-exposed for my taste)
Eva Longoria (speaking of over-exposed)
Mariah Carey (and again, with the over-exposed)



  1. Thank you, thank you thank you.

    30 Rock is one of the most overrated shows out there.

    Mugging is not funny. Subtlety is.

    Tracy Morgan is an awful stand-up, was awful on SNL and is awful on 30 Rock…

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