the 2009 george mcfly awards are coming!

As I have done every year since 1989, one “lucky” winner will be picked as this year’s George McFly Award recipient.  The “awards” that began with my sister and I picking the biggest loser of the year has grown to become a world wide phenomenon.

Okay, I might be lying about that.  But for the past 20 years, I have always found some time each year to single out the person (or people) most deserving of the award.

And if you’ve seen the Back to the Future movies or are familiar with my style, then you probably already know that the George McFly Award is truly one award you don’t want to win.

Just want to give a head’s up that the awards will be “presented” right here on Zoey’s World during the last week of December.  Some time around my annual take on the ol’  In/Out list and my opinion of what should be banned in 2010.



  1. I think the biggest loser this year was Will Farrels Land of the Lost remake which IMO huge dud to all die hard fans of LOTL, OH BTW he also destroyed another classic TV show Bewitched. Note to film makers don’t use Will in any other film, as Forbes said he the most over paid actor with no bankable clout please let him fade away.

  2. Hooray! Really looking forward to it, and not just because I’m a massive Back To The Future nerd. In fact, I have a feeling I know who would make your list even if they don’t win overall.

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