another year older…

Today, as luck would have it, is my 35th birthday.  It’s also the first birthday I have spent without my best friend along side of me.  Not that my annual celebrations are noteworthy — after all, one year he took me to see 8 Mile — but for the most part, my birthdays have always been fun.

And this being a milestone of sorts, it would have been nice to have him here to celebrate.  But like most things in life, sometimes our lives and choices take us down different paths.  I myself wouldn’t be in Canada had I not decided to follow one path — and who knows how things would have turned out for me had I gone back home to Jersey when my campus life was done.

I always like to reflect a little when my birthday rolls ’round.  Not a glum and grumpy type of reflection.  More of a ‘greatest hits’ montage of all the things I have done and how my life has turned out so far.  I’m very fortunate when I think about everything I have.  There are many out there who aren’t so lucky.

So while my friend can’t be with me this year, here’s hoping there are more times in the future when we can hang out, just as I look forward to future birthdays and seeing what my chosen path has in store for me.



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