adam giambrone should NOT be mayor!

As a journalist and a freelance writer, I try to stay non-partisan when it comes to certain things.  But with all this talk about next year’s mayoral race in Toronto, I just have to say something.

As we all know, current Toronto Mayor David Miller thankfully will not be running next year — which is probably the smartest move he’s made in the last few years.  That of course opens the flood gates for anyone with the ambition (and the money) to run for office.

adamIt would seem that Adam Giambrone, the Chairman of the Toronto Transit Commission, thinks he might make a good mayor.

And I think it would be a bad idea.  A very bad idea.

Normally I would just laugh this off.  I would hope that the people of this city would think twice about electing someone like Giambrone to be mayor of Toronto.  Sure, by comparison anyone would do a better job than the mess the city is in because of David Miller.  But sometimes “anyone” is not the answer.

Just look at the TTC these days.  Look at all the problems we have had in this city with transit over the last few years — or better yet, since Adam Giambrone has been chairman.  Problem after problem.  Labor disputes, service interruptions, countless dollars being wasted, fare hikes… the list goes on and on.  In my honest opinion, he is not qualified to be the Chairman of the TTC and he is CERTAINLY not qualified to be mayor of Toronto.

As a human being, I can’t say what kind of person Adam Giambrone is. I’m sure he’s a really nice guy. But as a Chairman of the largest transit company in the country and one of the most important departments of this city, he’s not the man for the job.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Seen the public servants payroll? Can anyone justify paying over $2.50 for a token when the TTC ticket takers, aka glorified cashiers, make over $100,000 a year?

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