had to make some changes

While I know a lot of you think there’s some magical force at work that makes this web site work, I assure you that it’s nothing more than 12 highly trained chimps working in a top secret lab in Brampton.  That, and GeoCities.

Actually that was the case until today.  After years of being a free, on-line hosting thingy, Yahoo’s GeoCities was laid to rest.  And people with web sites or pages or whatever they had were up the creek without a paddle .  (But don’t feel too sorry for those folks,  they had months of advance warning.)

And while there are some graphics on this site, originally they were hosted on a GeoCities account.  That of course meant I had to get someone to move them to another on-line place so there would be a seamless transition today when GeoCities went bust and people would have been otherwise stuck with that busted picture icon.

Yes, it’s all the behind the scenes antics that you don’t see that makes this web site so much fun. And now you know what goes on in my life when I’m not talking about wearing leather pants. (Which also was the case today, as we are officially into fall and the weather is just perfect for them.)

The chimps are still hard at work.



  1. Glad to hear you are employing monkeys still instead of outsourcing to small children on the other side of the earth. We’ve all been so busy lately that our blogs have suffered. With Halloween I’m always rushing around, as I have tons to do, and tons to write about.

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