freddy krueger returns

I saw the teaser trailer for (the new) A Nightmare on Elm Street.  Not sure what to think of it just yet.  It’s sharp (pardon the pun) and polished, but on the down side, it’s produced by Michael Bay.  (If you’ve seen Transformers Revenge of the Fallen you can understand my concern.)

From what I can tell, the new movie re-tells the story of the first film (originally released in 1984) and adds some background and new twists.

Being a horror fan and especially a fan of the Freddy movies (I searched the entire city of Toronto, looking for one theater showing Freddy vs. Jason the night after the Blackout of 2003.  Amidst a darkened city, I finally found one. ) I’ve been on the fence about this movie.  Part of me really wants to see it, as well as Jackie Earle Haley’s take on the role of Freddy (previously played by Robert Englund) but I’m also worried that this new Nightmare will be made into another “teen girls who all look the same, wearing in skinny-jeans running around in their bras” movie.

You can view the trailer for the movie — set for an April 2010 release — on the official move web site.  Judge for yourself.



  1. I remember being excited back in the day, as one of my favorite awful metal bands, Dokken, did a song for ‘Dream Warriors’.

    Always forget Johnny Depp was in the first one…

  2. I also don’t know what to think. I find the old Nightmare series to be silly at times. I enjoy the funness and any movie with a serious creep-factor, but some things are a little overboard. That being said, I do happen to have a 6 foot tall, talking animatronic Freddy Krueger that comes out every October.

  3. I truly don’t know how the new Freddy reboot will be like, but to me Robert Englund will always be Freddy from a purist fan POV as well as Willy in the old V tv show of the mid 80s. Robert Englund has voiced interest in being in the new V show on ABC, would be great to see him in that world again. my thoughts of Jackie Earle Haley playing the role of Freddy is mixed it’s hard for me to imagine the bad boy of The Bad News Bears as playing Freddy.

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