Month: October 2009

had to make some changes

While I know a lot of you think there’s some magical force at work that makes this web site work, I assure you that it’s nothing more than 12 highly trained chimps working in a top secret lab in Brampton.  That, and GeoCities.

Actually that was the case until today.  After years of being a free, on-line hosting thingy, Yahoo’s GeoCities was laid to rest.  And people with web sites or pages or whatever they had were up the creek without a paddle .  (But don’t feel too sorry for those folks,  they had months of advance warning.)

And while there are some graphics on this site, originally they were hosted on a GeoCities account.  That of course meant I had to get someone to move them to another on-line place so there would be a seamless transition today when GeoCities went bust and people would have been otherwise stuck with that busted picture icon.

Yes, it’s all the behind the scenes antics that you don’t see that makes this web site so much fun. And now you know what goes on in my life when I’m not talking about wearing leather pants. (Which also was the case today, as we are officially into fall and the weather is just perfect for them.)

The chimps are still hard at work.


freddy krueger returns

I saw the teaser trailer for (the new) A Nightmare on Elm Street.  Not sure what to think of it just yet.  It’s sharp (pardon the pun) and polished, but on the down side, it’s produced by Michael Bay.  (If you’ve seen Transformers Revenge of the Fallen you can understand my concern.)

From what I can tell, the new movie re-tells the story of the first film (originally released in 1984) and adds some background and new twists.

Being a horror fan and especially a fan of the Freddy movies (I searched the entire city of Toronto, looking for one theater showing Freddy vs. Jason the night after the Blackout of 2003.  Amidst a darkened city, I finally found one. ) I’ve been on the fence about this movie.  Part of me really wants to see it, as well as Jackie Earle Haley’s take on the role of Freddy (previously played by Robert Englund) but I’m also worried that this new Nightmare will be made into another “teen girls who all look the same, wearing in skinny-jeans running around in their bras” movie.

You can view the trailer for the movie — set for an April 2010 release — on the official move web site.  Judge for yourself.

not so scary after all

Maybe I’m just immune to all things scary these days, but after watching Paranormal Activity this weekend, the only thing I could think was: “It wasn’t that scary.”

There were a lot of “waiting for it” moments and of course the spookiness of the film itself (sitting in a dark theater waiting for a supposedly scary movie that you’ve heard so much about to begin) but even when the shocks did come, they were light compared to what I was expecting.

It seems to be part of human nature that we want to be scared because we enjoy the thrill.  But when a movie promises to be one of the scariest movies ever made, (their words, not mine) you expect at least to be frightened or on the edge of your seat.  Doors slamming and shadows that lead to nothing don’t really do it for me.

It was the same thing with The Blair Witch Project.  Hyped beyond all belief, but nothing more than a giant tease and letdown.

What folks behind Paranormal Activity did succeed in doing is generating a brilliant viral campaign that helped sell the movie and make it highly in demand.

After all, they got $6 from my purse.