days of summer are gone

The summer has come and gone.  And that brings me to the end of my sabbatical.  Funny thing is I wasn’t planning on taking any time off, it just sorta happened.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and concerned emails.  I am okay, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth and yes, whenever possible I have managed to slip into a leather skirt (summer evenings can allow for this some times) and a satin blouse.  But as anyone will tell you, satin sweats which you can imagine is not a pleasant feeling.  And for the record, summer — even the cool days and nights — is too warm for leather pants.  )That will start later this month, for those keeping score.)

This summer marks the first time since my move to Canada in 1995 that I didn’t head home to New Jersey for a two week “vacation”.  (Is it really a vacation if you’re visiting your home town and family?) But 2009 isn’t over just yet.  Of course my annual holiday trip will happen in December, but I’m still gunning for that summer (or now it appears late fall) getaway.  We shall see what happens in the coming weeks and months.

Life in Toronto is the same as it ever was.  Crowded, over-taxed and tired.  But making the best of things as they come along.

I do plan to blog more often, just finding the time to do so with everything going on can be tough sometimes.

And is it too soon to already be thinking about Christmas shopping?  Just wondering…



  1. Sabbatical? Ah-ha! Glad I can stop worrying now. Unfortunately, I’m 4 days away from a vacation, followed in quick succession by a wedding, thanksgiving, my birthday, my parents 40th anniversary, and our big Halloween party, then Halloween. I don’t know if I’m going to get around to blogging everything I want to. I’m going to pull a Zoey!

  2. Well we didn’t have much a summer to begin with. Who knows what this fall/winter is going to be like -_-

    The leather pants are apart of your charm Zoey LOL. I think its great that you love wearing and talking about them. They never go out of fashion.

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