Month: September 2009

I’d like to thank…

Personally, I hate award shows.  I especially hate award shows where “celebrities” sit around and hand out trophies to themselves for doing their jobs — then for some reason thank God for the honors.  (As if God really cares about someone named Lil’ Wayne.)

Thankfully I do work for a media outlet so to speak, yet I don’t feel the need to cover the MTV Video Music Awards.  Especially after what happened last night with Kayne West interrupting someone named Taylor Swift who had just won her first Spaceman award.


(I was later informed that Taylor Swift is a cross-over country singer who apparently launched her career without the help of a scripted and predetermined reality show/talent contest which makes her somewhat of a legitimate recording artist.  I still don’t know any of her songs.)

I did catch some of the show because I was curious to see if host Russell Brand would do anything noteworthy — I still maintain that I am one of the few people in North America who knew about this guy before MTV put him on stage — and to see Janet Jackson’s tribute to her late brother Michael.  (He died, just in case you hadn’t heard.)


Most of the night was spent switching back and forth between an the award show and the disturbing 102 Minutes that Changed the World documentary on CBC about the collapse of the World Trade Center.

I will however say this… Kayne West needs to get over himself.  Nobody cares what he thinks. And Beyonce didn’t win that award because she didn’t deserve it — despite what West thinks.  (As far as I’m concerned, Beyonce didn’t deserve any award because “Single Ladies” is quite possibility not only one of the worst songs ever made, but also one of the worst things ever made.  ‘Dreadfully awful and horrendous” doesn’t even begin to cover it.)

Here are just a few other random thoughts from last night’s 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

  • Someone really needs to stop inviting Jennifer Lopez to televised events.  Or any event for that matter.
  • Madonna… nobody cares about how you think your life is comparable to Michael Jackson.
  • Since when do award shows need a “house band”?
  • Was Jimmy Fallon a seat-saver or does he own shares in MTV?
  • As puzzling and bizarre as Lady Gaga’s performance was, she’s still interesting to watch.
  • Beyonce’s “classy move” was nothing more than a publicity stunt to fuel her over-inflated ego.
  • Pink sucks.
  • As much as I dislike Green Day, the smartest thing said all night came from Billy Joe: “MTV needs to play more music videos!”

And that’s why I edit things about award shows rather than cover them. That being said, MTV still knows how to make their annual ego-fest a top-notch production that never lacks when it comes to water-cooler moments. MuchMusic’s D-list guest list award show still has a long way to go.


days of summer are gone

The summer has come and gone.  And that brings me to the end of my sabbatical.  Funny thing is I wasn’t planning on taking any time off, it just sorta happened.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and concerned emails.  I am okay, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth and yes, whenever possible I have managed to slip into a leather skirt (summer evenings can allow for this some times) and a satin blouse.  But as anyone will tell you, satin sweats which you can imagine is not a pleasant feeling.  And for the record, summer — even the cool days and nights — is too warm for leather pants.  )That will start later this month, for those keeping score.)

This summer marks the first time since my move to Canada in 1995 that I didn’t head home to New Jersey for a two week “vacation”.  (Is it really a vacation if you’re visiting your home town and family?) But 2009 isn’t over just yet.  Of course my annual holiday trip will happen in December, but I’m still gunning for that summer (or now it appears late fall) getaway.  We shall see what happens in the coming weeks and months.

Life in Toronto is the same as it ever was.  Crowded, over-taxed and tired.  But making the best of things as they come along.

I do plan to blog more often, just finding the time to do so with everything going on can be tough sometimes.

And is it too soon to already be thinking about Christmas shopping?  Just wondering…