happy mother’s day

While I can’t be back home with mom this year, I hope she has a nice day.  Also, big happy wishes to all the mothers celebrating today.

Lots still going on in my life.  Nothing too exciting, mind you.  Just run of the mill average things.

There are a couple tidbits that came as a small shock, but like a total rock star, I’m dealing with them.  As it turns out, a couple friends are moving away.  I knew this would happen, sooner or later, but it was more the fact that I finally heard what I was expecting for some time. I’ll follow up with that as the weeks roll on.

I may also take a few days and head out to Montreal.  I haven’t been there in a while, so it might be nice to get away for a bit.



    1. Yes… but I am dealing with it. There is the sense of loss right now, but I know things will be okay and life does go on.

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